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Travel Writing

Create copy that puts the traveler in the experience of a cruise, destination, resort or tour.

Landing Pages: Red Carnation's Hotel Collection

To showcase Red Carnation's exceptional luxury stays at unique London and other specialty locations, signature service, and decors in England, Switzerland, and South Africa as an exclusive offering for members.

Results: Hotel and resort stays gave vacation club members more travel choices in addition to cruises and expanded business opportunities for the company.

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Subject, headline and copy support for cruise, tour and resort promotional offers via email campaigns sent to membership and brand lists of approximately 200,000 names.

Results: Dedicated emails to cruises, resorts and tours improved click rates, generated leads and boosted call center bookings for merchandising from internal brands, partners and affiliates.

Email Sample #1
Email Sample #2

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Theme Vacations:

Travel trends show beaches as popular vacation spots. The theme page suggests resorts and gives beach vacation tips and contact info for booking in the U.S. and abroad.

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Copy for featured cruise, tour or resort for vacation club members to encourage and build more traffic and more bookings.

Results: Winners' comments were used as testimonials to create customer loyalty and return visits.

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Destinations: China

The featured Web page, designed to capture the adventure of touring China's traditional and modern cultures, provided additional exposure and travel information for tours to new destinations for Americans.

Results: Sales and profits both increased 50 per cent year-over-year as a result of the Web tours promotion, a greater sales increase than other travel products during that same period.

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Navigator: Internal Corporate Newsletter

Monthly interviews and articles for print/Web internal corporate communications regarding the contributions of the ourvacationstore (OVS) departments.

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Multimedia Special Projects: Alaska Family Reunion Cruise

Created a fictional multi-generational family's Alaskan experience captured on interactive, "handwritten" postcards that describe their adventures to 10 ports using a Flash map and video to animate the storytelling.

Results: Stimulated bookings that leveraged Alaska being voted #1 for a family reunion by Family Travel Forum's 80,000 site visitors and travel experts.

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