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  • Internet Articles:
    • " Net: Where It's @" - AVA's Techniques magazine
    • "To Be or Not to Be on the Internet" - ASBA Today
    • "So Much Internet, So Little Time" AMA's Insight and WICI Byline
    • "Tie Your Print and Web Design Together for Impact and Savings," - WA&M News and AAHBB HOMEfront, Marketing AdVents

  • Online Internet Articles:
    • "Making 'Good Connections' on the Net with Strategic Links" IdeaSite for Business also on Capstone Communications in Ontario, and International Interactive Communications Society Web sites. Reprinted in Recognition Magazine

  • Freelance Articles (print & online):
    • 19th Annual Athena Award Honoring Women in Business, Arizona Republic
    • "Dorothy was right: there's no place like home" - PJS Pubs, Op Ed. Read full article.
    • "DC to LA: A Monumental Change" - LA People Connection, Essay. Read full article.
    • "High Tech: Risks and Rewards" - The Washington Post HIGH TECH CAREERS. Read Excerpt.
    • "Jefferson Hotel Demolition" - TV News Script for NBC News WEEK-TV. Read Excerpt.
    • "My Turn" published in Daily Breeze
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