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Be sure everything you do in print builds an online identity as well.

CLIENT CASE STUDY: National Ad Campaign - Best Software

Click to see full ad PDF Goal: Energize HR software product sales with positive appeal to HR managers. Result: "HR Positively Affects the Bottom Line!" ad selected by readers of leading HR magazine for "Reader's Choice of Best Ad." Generated new leads and opportunities for client contact via offer, phone and Web follow-up.

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CLIENT CASE STUDY: Johnson Design Group

"Johnson Design Group Expands into World Wide Web Design"
by Erana Leiken

Article published in HALFBLEED, newsletter for the Art Directors Club of Metropolitan Washington.

Goal: Promote print design firm as a leader in Web design services within its industry. Expand the firm's early successes and online recognition in professional association newsletters.

Promotion: Articles placed in multiple association newsletters: American Marketing Association, International Association of Business Communicators, and the International Interactive Communications Society.

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CLIENT CASE STUDY: Concert Communications (BT&MCI)

"Ways the Web can Work for You!"

Goal: Create awareness and use of corporate intranet sites for global employees to implement business processes and procedures via the Web.

Audience: Worldwide employees who could quickly expedite business through accessing Web-based intranet tools without the restrictions of paper transactions across time zones.

Strategy: Introduce and gain international employees' acceptance of new Web-enabled tools available on corporate intranets.

Results: Corporate communications collateral (brochures, posters, training demos) familiarized and clarified new intranet sites' functions and purposes. Employee intranet usage and understanding got an enthusiastic jumpstart. Web promotion campaign and product presentation won two Addy Awards.

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CLIENT CASE STUDY: Johnson Design Group

"Doing Business Online: Linking Up"
by Erana Leiken

"Having good connections takes on a new meaning on the World Wide Web... by agreeing to create interactive hyperlinks with your partners, affiliates, associates, and vendors... you can cross-market your services and attract a much larger audience." Excerpt from Women in Advertising & Marketing's News.

Goal: Originally written as the cover piece for the firm's client newsletter (see JDG Storyboard), the article was positioned to encourage the design firm's customers to exchange links and become online business partners. To optimize the firm's visibility, the article was reworked for other publications, including the Virginia Business Journal, National Multimedia Association's Point and Click online newsletter, and Women in Communications Byline.

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