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CLIENT CASE STUDY: Digitized Greeting Card

"JDG in print and online... just click on the holly leaf!"

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Goal: Press release to promote design firm's capabilities via e-mail and snail mail sent with designers' holiday greeting card to online and print editors.

Audience: Business and high-tech press; cool site Web masters; new customers and contacts; trade show leads.

Integrated campaign strategy: Digitized greeting card leveraged for both print and online visibility.

Online: Cross-promoted from Concentric Network Corporation's Santa Page.

Print: Card mailed to metropolitan D.C. customers and Internet World trade show leads.

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CLIENT CASE STUDY: David Arnold & Associates, Web business consultants' choice

"Our goals were to offer graphic business solutions on the Web as well as in print, to expand into new markets, and to provide a new communications channel. Now the company is receiving inquiries from Japan, Australia, Canada, and Italy."
- Erana Leiken, Marketing Director

Goal: Establish credibility and national recognition via online and business seminar consultants who evaluate Internet business case studies for their online and nationwide business. Web site selected for Businesses on the Web: Mini-Case Studies.

Audience: New business prospects nationwide and global recognition. Branding and affiliate link to promote design firm on the Web and at national Internet business seminars. Positive review and online interview from David Arnold & Associates, Web business consultants.

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CLIENT CASE STUDY: JDG on Discovery Channel

JDG's Web design capabilities were featured on The Computer Journal's Internet program scheduled on the Discovery Channel and via national cable syndication.

Goal: Design firm featured as Web design segment in a cable special about business uses for the Internet. Other companies included Federal Express, Hilton Hotels, and Digiphone.

Audience: Potential audience of 53 million viewers for Discovery and 10 major market cities.

Results: High visibility and coverage on video showcase publicized in video press release to the business press.

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CLIENT CASE STUDY: Womenconnect.com - Sweepstakes Campaign

Goal: Online sweepstakes to ramp-up site traffic and user registrations via ClickMiles campaign to expand site's advertising opportunities.

Audience: Content and ads targeted to professional women between 18 and 45.

Strategy: Create a sweeps campaign (theme, graphics, winners page, and opt-in e-mails) to motivate new users to sign-up at the site and grow a database that would be appealing to advertisers for this audience.

Results: User traffic registration for the "Take A Break" sweeps doubled in first month of the campaign.

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CLIENT CASE STUDY: "Art of the Brain" - Nonprofit and Pro Bono Press Release

Visit Art of the Brain Web Site 2003 "Art of the Brain" Event

Goal: To attract fundraisers to annual event and publicize support of a sponsor foundation in the ongoing effort for brain cancer research.

View the Press Release (PDF)

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