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One-to-One Marketing - UCLA Extension Course Description

As a successful marketing, public relations, or advertising professional, your greatest challenge should not be always obtaining new customers but retaining and growing the business of your existing customers. Intended for both traditional and Internet marketing practitioners, this class shows how one-to-one marketing and customer relationship management can improve customer loyalty, reduce defection, and develop lifelong customers for a company's products or services. Students learn how to develop a one-to-one marketing campaign, use the Internet and other interactive media tools, and improve the company's bottom line and competitive advantage in the marketplace. Instruction also outlines how customer relationship marketing, through the integration of people, process, and technology, can strengthen the relationship with customers and provide a seamless integration of every area of business that touches the customer.

Instructor: Erana Leiken
X 460.481 Management 4 units
Prerequisite: X 160 Marketing Principles and Practices or consent of instructor.

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